SwissDepil - The Painless Hair Removal

A painless and fast hairremoval system
SwissDepil is a revolutionary painless method that combines a perfect hair removal with a soft peeling. With SwissDepil you simply rub away unwanted body hair. The method is quick, gentle and without chemicals and skin irritation.

Made in Switzerland
The SwissDepil system is completely produced in Switzerland and puts an end to waxing and other painful hair removal methods. The high quality as well as the extensive testing ensures a product that will not irritate any skin types.

SwissDepil: Natural & without Chemicals

Natural and without chemicals
The core of SwissDepil consists of the micro-abrasive pads, that contain microscopic crystals embedded in resin (all non toxic and tested according to Swiss and European Union standards). With circular movements you rub away the unwanted hair quickly and thoroughly. The Swissdepil method is ideal for all body-parts, also for sensitive areas. The system is completely natural: no electricity, creams or chemicals are used.

The Swissdepil results last longer
Swissdepil rubs the hair close to the root. By rubbing the hair away you also avoid the sharp stubbles that come after shaving.

Peeling is included!
Dead skin cells are removed together with the hair. The soft, exfoliating massage leaves your skin wonderfully soft, smooth and silky. After the treatment your skin is ready to absorb your favorite body lotion.

Swissdepil - The dry hairremoval method
For best results, use the Swiss depil on dry skin (before applying lotion) and gently pull the skin taut in the area for hair removal.

The perfect system for travelers
Minimum weight and no sharp edges get you through any airport security control without hassles. Fits perfect in your pocket or handbag. The SwissDepil method saves your body from razor cuts.

Package content

The Swissdepil set includes a glove, a case and 5 self-adhesive micro-abrasive pads.